The autumn show is a good time to meet like-minded people before the winter garage season. The internationality of the exhibition opens up new dimensions and contacts, and traditionally the magazines in the industry have made several pages of articles, showing interesting content in pictures on the pages of the magazine.

Please carefully fill in all the items and check the typing errors, as we will contact you by email or phone number you add and add your car's information to the car's info sheet with this information. Also send the best possible picture of your car. If the car goes to a club or company department, tell us which club or company so that we can target your vehicle to the right place at the event. if You have decor around Your car, please add note about this. Flagged areas, are mandatory to fill. Press the transmit button only once. It may take a few seconds for you to post before sending the file. If you have any problems with sending the image, if its too big etc. you can send it to our email separately